How To Use Cheap Military Airfare?

Airfares are so high these days that people are not even thinking of going anywhere. Due to the high airfares, even the tourism of different countries is affected. It is not possible for people to spend the money that they have saved for their future because they know that they are living in a very expensive era. In today’s world, the food itself is so expensive that traveling to another location just for fun or just to take a break from the hectic schedule is quite a bizarre topic.


But if you are a military individual, you are an extraordinary person. You need not consider yourself in the group of the ordinary men or women; you have dedicated your entire life to the nation you live in. You are a loyal citizen of the country and for all the minor to major sacrifices that you have made, you deserve to get cheap military airfare. This is not something that we say, this is something that a lot of agencies believe due to which they have come up with deals, offers and discounts for the military personnel. Such websites work only for the military personnel and not for ordinary individuals.

So what are these airfares all about, when it comes to military personnel?

There are discounted and cheap airfares available for the military personnel. You need to be a part of the military in order to get cheap military airfare. Since the websites have been created to serve the military individuals, it is not open to the ordinary men and women. Unless you prove that you have served the nation being a part of the military and risking your life, you are not eligible to reap the benefits of the agencies that are into cheap military airfare.

So how do you prove that you belong to the military and how do you use the concept of cheap military airfare?

Proving your services for the nation may seem like a difficult thing to you, but the websites of different agencies and the executives working in their customer service departments know how to take care of you and your needs. There is a form that you need to fill on the website that you are using for your cheap military airfare requirements. Once the form is filled, you may receive a call from the agency, which will try to get a few more details from your end so that your identity is proved.

What if you are not the one who belongs to the military, but one of your family members has been serving the nation since quite some time now?

The good thing about such agencies is that they find you to be eligible to get cheap military airfare even if you are not the one serving the country, but one of your family members is. You need to submit proper proofs so that your eligibility is not questioned and you enjoy traveling to another location at a lesser price.


How Will You Avail Military Discount Flights?

Military personnel take care of nation and work tirelessly for the nation, the country values it and so does every industry and department of the country. As a part of the respect and care for the service of the military towards the nation, airline industry offers discounts and special prices for the military personnel and their dependents known as Military Discounts. Military Discount flights can be searched around in many ways, and there are special flights too for them. If you are looking for one such flight here are few ways you would end up with right deals.


Space A Flights

Most of the military personnel are aware of these flights available exclusively for them. Space-A flights are special flights for defense personnel to help reach their destination with ease. These flights and their booking info are not published or made public to the Internet because of security reasons. One would need to check with the military base and other sources to get their bookings and details known. They have pretty odd timings one would need to adjust with that.

Special Military Travel Discounts

There are various programs and websites that offer military discount flights and military travel exchanges. The detailed information and the offers available are available on the internet easily. A few good websites also have finance options for military travel. They offer easy and best finances for military travel. One can sign up and contact these websites for further details and offers.

Special Offers on Regular Flights

There are few airlines that offer special discounts for military personnel. Five percent discount is available for officers, soldiers, and their families. This information too is available online on the booking websites. You can check with different airlines if they are offering such discounts or not. The availability of this discount depends upon the routes and destinations.

Exclusive Military Travel Programs

There are many websites and services that are exclusive for military travel. They help you find most convenient and easy to travel packages. They offer travel packages, hotel booking, vacation travel plans and many such options that are exclusive for the military. These programs and services offer a lot more than just military flights can offer. They have dedicated the team of people to help you find and plan your trip. This is a great option for military personnel. One can take benefit of the offers as well as can travel easily even in times of emergencies or short notice bookings.

Nation cares and is always thankful to the military of the nation for their services. There are different types of discounts, plans, and packages offered to military people. One can search around, call up and meet different booking people and websites to check out their offers and packages. Most of the offers are available for free and do not require any fee or sign up charges to be paid. Many commercial flights also have military discounts and seats. Few airlines also offer free travel for the military for non-reserved seats.

Book your Military Flights to Celebrate New Year in San Diego

So, you got your military holidays approved. Now, Welcome 2017 with a happy heart. This time celebrate it in the San Diego with your friends and family members. Leave the chilling weather behind you, hit the beautiful beaches, and feel like party animals. Book your military flights to this exotic place. Spend some more days in and explore it famous tourist attraction sites.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Love animals. This place is perfect for you to see the wild animals living in their natural habitat. This zoo is spread over 1200 acre of land and has more than 300 animal species that also include endangered animal. You can take a tram to tour the zoo or for adventure, you can visit the zoo on the hot air tethered balloon. It feels great to see the cheetah run from above the sky.

Old Town

Want to explore the colonial roots then Old town is waiting for you. Native Americans lived here and this place is considered the birthplace of California. Father Junipero Serra had established his first mission on Presidio hill. Houses or Casas of the 19th century are now converted into shops, restaurants or Museums. Visiting them will surely take your back in old time.

Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument gives honours to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who was the Spanish explorer. He was the first European who landed in San Diego.  If you love outdoor activities, here you can enjoy plenty of activities such as watching Pacific Gray Whale. You can visit the old lighthouse and tidal pools at this place.

Gaslamp Quarter

This place is for those who love nightlife, shopping and dining. In 1850, A San Francisco man came here to built a home for his family. He also wanted to build a town but failed.  Another San Franciscan man came here after seventeen years and develops a waterfront. This place was known as Mecca for prostitutes and gamblers but it was cleaned up after many years and now it is known as Gaslamp Quarter. Here you can visit art galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

BalBoa Park

This place let you lost in the natural beauty of greenery, flora and fauna.  Here you can explore 15 museums, miniature railroad, a carousel, old globe theatre, Zoo, and much more. Museums include art, air, history, space, science etc. Here you can view the beauty of nature and enjoy hiking, biking and food in restaurants.

Sea World

It is more exciting to experience the ocean life so near. Sea world is one of the famous tourist attraction points of San Diego.  Here you can learn about ocean life through shoes, enclosure and displays. Apart from all these, you can also ride on a roller coaster and do rafting. Don’t forget to enjoy dancing fountains show and performance by killer whales.

San Diego will surely make your New Year unforgettable. So, just pack your bags and book military flights to San Diego.

Military Flights – The Best Deal At The Right Time

The people employees in the military are qualified for special assistance. The travel discounts are one of the benefits. There are many online sites which offer discounts on travel as well as the loan on travels but people are always confused because they don’t understand what exactly the best is for them?  The time has passed now when you need to remit a heavy amount for booking your flights.


The people working in the military are staying away from their homes for years and months. When their holidays are declared, the people have the highest longing to come back to their homes.  But they always face difficulty because they usually had a booking at a time and because of this they have to pay a high amount for flights tickets. But nowadays, because of the experts, they can get their tickets without paying a heavy amount.

If you are yourself going to use military flights, it is the must that you should know some facts about it. Firstly, you need to search out the accessibility of the discount on flights and then make a booking as soon as possible. Secondly, you have to ensure that your identity is enrolled with the airline interested as Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy workers.

Looking for the cheap flights is easier than that of making the booking via agents. If you are going to make a booking via agents what they do is they will investigate your identity and irritates you by asking questions and if you are going to make a booking online, they can simply verify your identity by referring to the information provided by you as well as this also provides you further good deals on car rental as well as on hotels.

You can easily use these discounts by simply following the three steps. The excellent feature is you don’t have to take tension about booking because the experienced experts will do this for you. The experts are always there for you to offer their services to you and also beneficial in booking the less expensive flights for you.

Benefits of Military flights:-

You can travel anywhere you want: – if you want to book a trip at a low price? Then nothing to worry about, whatever you are looking for, you can easily get it from these online sites. The military worker deserves this privilege and the team of experts feels proud to help them.

Visit back to your family: – when you are booking a military flight. You can save a lot of amounts when coming back t home. So, you can freely use the money somewhere else, you can do shopping or can use the money for any noble purpose. You can too astonish your family with your arrival. The teams are all set to support you.

So, what are you looking for? Just visit online and book the best flight for you!!!


How To Book Cheap Airline Tickets For Military?

Are you going on a holiday with your family this Christmas? Then you must be looking to book cheap airline ticket. There are various ways to do so. There are various sites that offer you these tickets then also how to get the cheapest. Let us see some of the means.

When to book the ticket

The best opportunity to book cheap airline tickets for military comes just 18 to 28 days before your flight date. All try to book tickets much earlier fearing that tickets will not be available but by that you can’t get the cheapest. If you are booking ticket for a domestic flight try just 21 days before your flight date. If you are going somewhere international for your holiday book your ticket some time earlier but not before 28 days from the date. You can check this yourself if you see the price that you have to pay if you book a ticket 3 months earlier compared to that you have to pay if you book it just 28 before your flight date. And now that Christmas is approaching so you need to plan is really quick.


Price is inclusive of all

The best site from where you should book your ticket should show you the actual cost that you have to pay. There should not be any hidden cost. You may be thinking what the hidden cost should be of. The taxes, the surpluses for credit card charges and such are those that may come as hidden charges. You should select that site that clearly tells you that you have to pay this for the ticket and nothing else.

Booking hotels at the same time

It may happen that the places where you are traveling you need to book a hotel. These sites offer you a unique plan. That is you can book your hotel along the air ticket. By booking in such a manner you save on the hotel cost also. Do not wait till you reach the place to book your hotel. If you book your hotel along with the cheap military flights tickets for military you not only save on the hotel cost but also on transportation. As the hotel would know that you are arriving at their place by a certain flight they will arrange for your pick up from the airport also. In this manner you save cost on your transportation and also relive you from the hassle of finding a cab.

Easy Military Travel: Categories To Avail

Military Personals are placed in one of these six classifications in view of a mix of two criteria: status (for instance, dynamic obligation Uniformed Services part, DoDDS instructor, and so on.), and circumstance (for instance, crisis leave, and standard leave, and so on.).The following is a rundown of the category under which military personals can avail easy military travel benefits.


Once acknowledged for development, space accessible traveler may not be “knock” by another space-accessible traveler, paying little heed to class and other facilities under this easy military travel.

Classification I – Emergency go on a round-trip premise regarding genuine sickness, demise, or approaching passing of an individual from the close group of the accompanying:

● Joined States subject non military personnel representatives of the DoD positioned abroad.

● Full-time, paid faculty of the American Red Cross presenting with United States military Services abroad.

● Formally dressed Service relatives whose backers are positioned inside the mainland United States (CONUS) and the crisis exists abroad.

● Relatives of United States resident non military personnel workers of the DoD when both support and wards are positioned abroad at a similar area.

● Formally dressed Service relatives, when joined by their support, may go inside the mainland United States (CONUS) if the crisis exists in the CONUS.

Classification II – Environmental Morale Leave (EML):

● Supports on natural and confidence leave (EML) and went with relatives. The military workforce should likewise be on conventional leave. Some other sort leaves, for example, improving or abroad visit expansion impetus program (OTEIP) with EML is not approved.

● DoD Dependent School (DoDDS) educators and there went with relatives in EML status amid school year occasion, excursion periods or boss affirmed preparing amid break periods.

Classification III – Ordinary leave:

● Individuals from the formally dressed administrations in a customary or reenlistment leave status and formally dressed Services patients on healing leave. Individuals on recuperating leave may not travel abroad unless their leave shape is so commented on.

● Military faculty going on lenient impermanent obligation (TDY) orders for house chasing.

● In the event that the lenient TDY is with the end goal of perpetual change of station house chasing, the part goes in Category III may go inside the mainland United States (CONUS) and in addition global travel and might be joined by one relative.

● True blue relatives (with a legitimate ID card) of a Service individual from the formally dressed Services when joined by their support who is in a customary leave status inside abroad ranges between abroad stations and air terminals in the CONUS.

● This benefit does not make a difference to go of wards to or from a support’s limited or unaccompanied visit area or to go in a leave status to or from TDY areas. It applies just to round-excursion go to an abroad range or the CONUS with the support. DoD 4515.13-R confines the utilization of these benefits to build up a home for relatives in an abroad zone or the CONUS.

● Outside trade benefit individuals on changeless obligation with the DoD, when in a leave status.

Under these categories military personals can avail easy military travel benefits.

Military Discount Flights- Ensuring Happy Travelling!

The biggest problem one can face while planning to travel is the airfare that costs a bomb. It takes away a major portion of your budget planned for the entire trip. No matter it is a planned trip, a last-minute trip, emergency or any other, it does become a reason to worry especially when there is a cash crunch. Military people and their families generally have to keep traveling back and forth for various occasions. In this case, travel now, pay later option for them is the best of all. Military Travel Exchange website offers various military discounted flights that help them get 100 percent financing and travel loans according to their preferences and convenience.


This option of military discounted flights is accessible for all including veterans, retired officers, ones who are currently serving, dependents, etc. Military travel Exchange has over 75 pre-negotiated airline contracts that give the site an exclusive price on cheap military travel as well as military discounts on hotels, cruises and vacation packages. Additionally, it also provides fast, secure and easy travel loans or financing as per your convenience.

Safe and Secure Traveling

This option of traveling now and paying later with military discount flights is a very safe and secure method of post-paid service. There is no risk involved in this option as it follows a transparent mechanism. The travel team will help you with all the formalities and quick travel assistance, which is easy and fast. You just need to set your itinerary right and the rest can be left on to your assistance.

Quick Travel Assistance

While you fill in the quick travel assistance application that is necessary to complete your formalities to get military discount flights, your reliable travel assistant will help you find the cheapest and best airfare tickets according to your itinerary needs. It is the most popular and most convenient way to travel allowing you to pay for your purchase over time. You can pay the amount later either in installments over a time-frame or money down (all at once), whichever is an easy option. You will need to fill in details including

• first name,
• last name,
• valid email ID,
• phone number,
• active duty/retired military/government/other/civilian,
• address,
• city,
• state,
• zip,
• birth date,
• SSN,
• Branch of Service,
• Own/Rent/Barracks,
• Rent/Mortgage amount,
• no BAH received/ BAH with dependents/BAH without dependents,
• Child Spt/Alimony,
• Command/unit,
• Pay grade,
• enlistment date
• ETS/EAS Dat.

Once you completely fill in the information correctly, the assistant will help you find airfares according to your requirement. You can then fly to your destination without any tension or worry about paying any money.